101 in 1001

After being inspired by the exciting lists that many bloggers have published to their pages, I've finally decided to make a 100 in 1001 list myself. The list consists of 101 things that I would like to accomplish in the time frame of 1001 days. Seems doable, right? We'll see! Check back often to see how things are coming along.
An asterisk (*) means the item has been accomplished.

1. Visit a big city *
2. Leave the country x2
3. Start a collection*
4. Redo my room *
5. Discover new music* 
6. Do new things around Cincinnati*
7. Start shopping at a new store*
8. Update my style *
9. Define my style*
10. Go somewhere new alone*
11. Ride a city bus*
12. Perfect my social media presence
13. Strike up interesting conversations with people I look up to
14. Put myself even further "out there" (be more fearless)
15. Cook 10 new recipes I find myself (9/10)
16. Go "all out" during the holidays
17. Be the "chill one" in a group of flustered people and spread positivity *
18. Be there for others*
19. Donate blood
20. Learn a cool dance
21. Try 8 new restaurants*
22. Drink my first coffee*
23. Appreciate each season
24. Get a really nice designer item that is special to me
25. Take a random skill class
26. Discover another style icon*
27. Volunteer x10 *
28. Participate in a variety of school activities*
29. Lead a club/organization*
30. Throw awesome parties*
31. Make time for old and new friends* 
32. Read 30 new books for pleasure (15/30)
33. Unplug completely for 7 days 
34. Go to bed at 9:30 ten days in a row
35. Perfect my skin/makeup routine*
36. Upgrade to a new phone*
37. Blog 31 days in a row
38. Learn to record and edit videos well
39. Make a vlog
40. DIY 10 things for me and 10 things for friends (10/20)
41. Give 5 great gifts to family members (1/5)
42. Have a "staycation" somewhere in Cincinnati
43. Take a yoga and a pilates class
44. Find 5 new hobbies (2/5)
45. Try being vegan for 10 days
46. Restock my desk with stylish and functional supplies *
47. Have a photo shoot*
48. Be open to anything for a whole weekend and only say "yes"*
49. Meet and make friends with other bloggers
50. Get in touch with people I haven't ever talked to or talked to in a while*
51. Host a brunch
52. Produce and sell a product
53. Go camping 3 separate times (1/3)
54. Take great pictures and improve photography skills*
55. Open up to multiple people, styles and platforms
56. Fill 5 full notebooks (3/5)
57. Buy a special perfume *
58. Study artwork at the art museum*
59. Go on a shopping trip and buy things I truly like despite the label*
60. Send handwritten notes*
61. Write thank you cards after receiving gifts*
62. Maintain flowers or other plants *
63. Devote day a week to a certain positive mindset
64. Make a bucket list for four seasons
65. Buy nice, high quality bed linens
66. Support a cause that means something to me
67. Stand up for something important*
68. Drink a bottle of water a day for 31days
69. Paint a room
70. Buy something on a complete whim*
71. Make a piece of art I really like*
72. Learn simple ballet
73. Get more flexible
74. Try new foods I have never had before*
75. Visit a berry patch
76. Capture real memories, not just staged pictures*
77. Help cook Thanksgiving dinner
78. Do all the traditional things for every holiday
79. Learn to drive/ get my first car
80. Visit a new region in America
81. Watch and report on a live runway show*
82. Get better at giving my honest opinion*
83. Spend a whole day outside
84. Participate in 5 challenges (2/5)
85. Become "famous" for a recipe
86. Tell more people I know about my blog*
87. Keep up with my goals and don't procrastinate
88. Keep a journal for a while*
89. Go on a fun trip with friends*
90. Explore new places*
91. Go to a new city every year*
92. Be more Eco-friendly
93. Try all natural beauty products
94. Teach other people something I love to do*
95. Collaborate with other people more often
96. Perfect my French skills
97. Learn to become a better morning person
98. Get up at 7am for a whole week during the summer
99. Do something unexpectedly kind for my brothers
100. Learn, learn, learn as much as possible
101. Expand on every horizon

Started: July 31st, 2015
Ends: Friday April 27, 2018

NOTE: This list was created in July of 2015 and (finally) published in May 2016.

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