What I've Been Loving Lately

Happy Monday! I've recently realized that over the course of my blogging break I came across (and was gifted) some pretty great things. So, here is everything I've been loving lately.

1: The September Issue of Vogue- One of my pre-fall traditions I've created is buying the September Issue. It's so thick and the images are amazing. I'm always so inspired by it.

2: Mildliner Markers and Day Designer Pens: I was gifted the pens and I think they are the cutest things ever. I mean, look at those prints! As for the markers, I've heard so many people talking about them so I had to give them a try. There are 15 markers and each marker has a thin tip and a thick, highlighter style tip. Plus, the colors are so cute.

3: Love Ring and Sugar Fix Necklace- The necklace was another awesome birthday gift (thanks Syd!) and the Love ring is a duplicate of the original Cartier Love ring.

4: Tortoise Shell Glasses- Technically I don't need glasses but these zero magnification ones are so stylish, even when I just wear them on top of my head.

5: Mario Badescu Face Mist and Flower Lip Balm- The face mist is so fresh and smells so good and the lip balm is totally clear with a rose inside. So cool.

6: Every Nail Color I Used This Summer-

N O T   P I C T U R E D:

7: all of this music (basically new songs for the second half of 2017, curated by me)

8: my ENO- it's basically a hammock that you can hang absolutely anywhere and is super easy to travel with. it is so comfortable and so relaxing to lay in under the trees.

9: connor franta- i discovered his youtube channel after reading his book and i'm in love with his humor and overall aesthetic.

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