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Well, 21 days later and I'm finally Back! I have to say, it feels good to be on the blog again but I'm glad I took a break. It feels like I have my life together again and I'm doing much better than I was when I wrote my last post.
Basically, I was incredibly stressed with everything going on in my life and so sad that my Summer was over. I had just gotten back from my last trip of the Summer when reality came crashing down on me. I was kind of expecting that to happen because I knew after Kelly's Island, there wouldn't be much left to look forward to but, I was not expecting how bad that "crash" would be. It felt like I had been living on cloud nine all Summer and taking the ferry back to the mainland was like me returning to my normal life after being gone for so long. It was extremely rough to say the least. For the next few days I tried to keep my head on as straight as I could but I was kind of falling apart. I went from chilling by the pool, hanging out late with friends, reading good books, and traveling a lot, to doing schoolwork, drivers ed, and freaking out over the smallest things that got in the way. 
Somehow, I pulled through. I finally got my driver's license (!!!) and that eliminated a lot of the stress. Then, I finished my Summer homework and started school and I'd say that first weekend after school started is when things finally started to be okay again and I felt good for the first time in awhile. Ever since then, I've honestly been doing very well which makes me so happy. No late-night breakdowns, more time to be outside, I can really enjoy things. One of the highlights was definitely my birthday party. My birthday happened to fall right in the middle of my breakdown so I just kept it lowkey and decided not to have a party. Then, about a week ago I decided I was ready to celebrate. I invited my closest friends over and it was a BLAST. It was a really good night with a lot of great people and it was just what I needed.
So now, here I am typing this up and feeling like I'm in a much better place. I'm glad to be back. 
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