A Weekend at Kelly's Island

 Comin' at ya again with my last travel recap of the Summer! Once I returned from Europe, I had three trips left. One was to West Virginia for whitewater rafting with my XC girls. I didn't take any pics there because I was focused on team bonding and just enjoying everyones company. But, the second trip was a two in one: Kelley's Island and Put-In Bay!

KI and PIB are two islands right next to each other off the coast of northern Ohio. I went to KI with all of my cousins for the last few days of July and had the best time.

It is such a beautiful island. Not only is it pretty big, it has a really interesting history dating all the way back to the ice-age, gorgeous beaches, cute little docks, and a bunch of fun places to eat and shop.

The homes there are SO amazing. On the first night, my cousin and I just road our bikes along the main road with all the mansions (and adorable cottages) to our left and the beaches to our right.

We stayed at the cutest resort with yellow walls and gorgeous flowers all over. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat if I could.

Then, I had to leave the next day to meet my XC gals at Put-In Bay for camping while the rest of my family got to stay on Kelley's Island. PIB was such a great time that I totally neglected to take pictures there too! This is one of the only ones I took:

All in all, my days in northern Ohio were amazing as always and I'm already looking forward to going back. I can't believe I live in a state so pretty!
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