July at a Glance

Hey hey hey! I'm finally back after a very long break. As you might already know, I was in Europe (for a little longer than expected, but that's another story I'll explain later). Traveling in Iceland, Switzerland and then Iceland again was such a fun experience and you already know I'll be sharing recaps soon. The beginning of this month really flew by and a lot was going on, so here's a late July at a Glance.
Unfortunately celebrating the Fourth of July just didn't happen this year because of travel, but it's okay, I usually don't go all out for the Fourth anyways. 
I know I just got back from a huge trip, but there are still more in store! This weekend I'm going whitewater rafting with my xc gals and I'll be going to Kelly's Island later in the week with my cousins, then Put-In Bay like last year. 
I've been doing a lot this Summer but one thing I'm not doing? Going crazy for the Nordstrom Sale. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Nordstrom. I'm just not into the whole sale madness. Sale round-ups are by far my least favorite posts to read as well as my least favorite posts to write. They just get boring and repetitive after awhile and never really inspire me to buy anything. Oh well!
So that's this month so far, I have a lot of stuff I want to share with you in the coming weeks so thanks for sticking around. I'm glad to be back. 
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