Thoughts and Things No. 22

6 days. Only 6 more school days until I'm finally on Summer break and I can have my freedom back. 6 days seems doable right? Unfortunately, until then I have a ton to get done (tests, exams projects, etc.) so it's looking like a lot of scheduled posts in the coming week, and that's if I even have time to write those. We shall see. 

This month has been pretty jam-packed so I've been using my freetime by totally chilling out and scrolling through every social media outlet possible. Some would say that's a bad idea, but for me, looking at pretty pictures and reading other peoples' blogs is my fave way to unwind. Here are some things I've found. 

1. I just discovered Brighton Keller's blog and I'm addicted to it! Her style is adorable and she keeps things so real, I love it.
2. This article made me think about some of my choices and I think everyone should read it.
3. The Peonies started blooming in Cincy and they are gorgeous. I forgot how much I loved them!
4. Karl Lagerfeld killed it again.
5. I could scroll through this page for hours.
6. I've loved reading all the posts from Positano, Italy on Southern Curls and Pearls.
7. Sarah's moving vlogs have so been fun to watch.
8. FYI: I added some things to my SHOP page.
9. Miley Cyrus' new song "Malibu" is so good. She's totally turned herself around and while I thought crazy Miley was pretty fun, I love her new vibes too.
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