DIY Printed Phone Case

Before I buy almost anything, I ask myself "is there a way I could make this?" If the answer is yes, I always give it a shot. That's why I decided to make my own phone case. I'm always wanting to get new cases because there are so many cute ones out there and I love using my phone as an accessory to my outfits. However, that can get expensive. To avoid stocking up on multiple cases that I'll probably only use once and spending a bunch of money, I figured out a way to make a case that is so cheap and totally customizable!
Here's how to make one (or like five):
1. Get a flexible clear phone case (they sell on amazon for about one to four dollars).

2. Print an image of a design you want and make sure its big enough to cover the back of your phone. Here is where I found my designs.
3. Trace all around the case (including the camera hole) onto the printed design of your choice.
4. Cut out the shape you traced and use a cutting knife to cut the camera hole.
5. Last, trim the shape as needed and stick it into the case. No need for glue or tape, once you put your phone in everything will stay in place.

There you have it! This is such an easy project and you can change out the prints as much as you like, keeping you from ever getting bored of your phone case!
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