How I'm Preparing for Summer

Well friends, today is a very exciting day. Why? Because it is today that I have officially one month left until Summer break! Just typing that out sounds crazy to me because, as I've repeatedly said, these past few months have flown by. Instead of just checking out and jumping right into summer once May 26th comes, I'm making my best effort to end this year on the best foot. So, here's how I'm preparing.

Academically speaking, I'm really trying my best to put all the effort possible into everything I do. There's only a few weeks until finals so it's important to make the less important grades count for something good. It's always a challenge to stay focused and sharp due to the excitement of this time of year, but, with extra coffee and determination, I'm hoping to go out strong.
One thing I'm also making an effort to improve is my diet. Lately I feel like I've been eating the most boring food and now that it's Spring, so many more fruits and veggies are coming into season that I should really make an effort to eat more of. I tend to do and feel my best when I eat stuff that tastes amazing and is great for the body, so, hopefully adjusting my diet a bit will make for good performance in all the craziness of the coming weeks.
Spring and Summer are by far my favorite seasons to shop for and I'm hoping to up my style game even more this season. Mainly, I want to stop falling into the routine of wearing the same clothes and shake up my style a bit. There's something so refreshing about shaking up my wardrobe, I love it.
One of my favorite parts of Spring is Spring cleaning my room. I take a lot of pride in the little space that I call mine and there's no better relief than really deep cleaning and organizing every corner. Yes, that also means getting rid of a TON of stuff.
My last little subject of focus is overall wellness. I'm currently looking for some great core exercises to do because I'd like to start seeing some abs. Now, these next things are more "beauty" than "wellness", and they are skin and hair. I've been really trying to get tan lately because I truly look my best when I have a little color. You can bet I'll be using my Nivea glow lotion until Summer to achieve that little extra color. I've also been wanting to change up my hair and I have some ideas in mind, but I usually save that for right at the start of summer (it's kind of a personal tradition to drastically change my hair somehow in the Summer).
Only a few more weeks to go! Here's to ending the schoolyear with a bang!
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