April Update/Favorites

In my opinion, a great month is one where lot's of exciting things happen, the weather is nice, and every day is different. April was that month for me. I was pretty inspired this month and overall very happy. Must be Spring!

Here are some favorites:

+Nivea Self-Tanner
I've been using this stuff to get ahead on my tanning for the season and it has worked SO WELL. I highly recommend it.
+"Hard Times" by Paramore and "Lust For Life" by Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd
So many people have been coming out with new music lately and these two songs are amazing. Especially "Hard Times", even though it's about rough days, it puts me in the best mood.
+H&M Jewelry
I can officially say H&M is my favorite store. Their jewelry right now is amazing (see yesterday's post for a flatlay of all the pieces I've gotten recently).
+Bloggers on Youtube
All of my favorite Youtube channels are actually the ones owned by bloggers. My favorites are Margo and Me and Song of Style. Watch this travel vlog from Positano made by Jenny of Margo and Me to see what I'm talking about. I also loved watching all the Coachella vlogs like this one!
+Tory Burch
The latest releases from Tory Burch in the Garden Party print are giving me life! I love the colors in this print so much. 
+Friday Night Lights
With a heavy heart, I am announcing that I have officially finished Friday Night Lights (it's on Netflix if you're interested). It was such a solid show, I loved every single character and the story was just so heartwarming. Definitely a favorite!

+101 in 1001
A few days ago was the one-year-left-marker until my 1001 day bucketlist expires, click the link in my sidebar that says 101 in 1001 to see what I've accomplished so far. It's fun to check of things I've been wanting to do for a while, but it's also kind of funny to see how much my interests/priorities have changed.
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