March at a Glance + Free Wallpaper Dowload

OMG I can't believe I actually made it to March. March is typically a big mile-marker for me because it means I made it through the harsh winter months (which are always the worst) and spring is actually on the horizon (always my absolute favorite time of year). I'll admit, this Winter was much better than most. It was super warm and went by incredibly fast, but I'm still thrilled the end is near. Spring is a major breath of fresh air for me and knowing that today is the first of March (so close to spring) gives me so much hope and excitement for the coming months. It all gets better from here, kids. Trust me. Much better.
The above graphic basically sums up the month and I'm absolutely in love with it. I'll be sharing more about what is actually ahead so stay tuned. 
Oh, and how could I forget? To celebrate the coming of March, I designed the wallpaper below to use on your computer's desktop. Click this link to open it up, right click and hit save image to download and use it. Enjoy!
The elephants were designed by the ever-lovely Parker Thatch!

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