Thoughts and Things No. 18

TGIS(thank God its Saturday). After a week of being sick and feeling jealous of all the east-coasters getting nailed with snow, I'm relieved its the weekend. I'm also super ready for spring and I've been getting the feeling that it is right around the corner.

1. Love her style.
2. Definitely using these photog tips.
3. Love these prints! Aren't they the cutest?
4. The pics in this post are stunning. Now I really want to travel somewhere tropical.
5. While in bed sick last night, I watched Paper Towns. Loved it! the soundtrack was awesome and the overall aesthetic (I know, that word is very much overused) was beautiful.
6. So many people are in Sea Island right now for the Southern C Summit and I would give anything to be there. Bucketlisted!
Thats all I have to report. Lets hope next week is MUCH better than this one was. Happy Saturday!

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