Thoughts and Things No. 17

Once again, happy Friday! This week flew by but some super exciting things happened. First of all, I got my temps, meaning in six months I can finally hit the road by myself. I also got my new MacBook Air (I mentioned it in yesterday's post too) and couldn't be more happy with it. A bunch of other great things happened this week and I have a pretty fun weekend ahead so you could say February is off to a GREAT start.

Here are this week's "things":


1. In case you missed Paris Couture Week
2. I just started watching Riverdale and its a total Gossip Girl-type show so I'm giving it a chance
3. Another great post on keeping your bedroom looking chic year-round
4. Love Madewell's canvas version of their famous transport bag

Sorry to keep this post short today. Hopefully I'll be back over the weekend so I can begin sharing my Valentine's Day giftguides!
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