Lana Love

Okay, so I usually hate sharing my music with other people. I feel like its such a personal thing that sharing what I listen to would be like sharing a big part of myself that I want to keep just for me. You could say I'm pretty selfish, but I guess thats just how I feel. However, I figured it couldn't hurt to give the artists I love some major props for how much their music has affected me. One of those artists? Lana Del Rey, everybody:

I've been in love with Lana's music and overall vibes ever since I was in the 7th grade when I came across the original version of Summertime Sadness (not the remix, although thats pretty great too). I was obsessed with it all and still am. One thing I've noticed I really appreciate in good music is a "cinematic" feel and that is just what LDR's music has- a little mix of melancholy pop with the instruments you hear in amazing movie scores. Most of her songs remind me of a sick retro movie. I also love Lana's insane vocal range which fits perfectly with the somewhat dark but beautiful lyrics. See the above pictures for what I'm talking about when I say she gives off the coolest vibes.

So what sparked this somewhat deep and analytical post? Lana's new song, "Love", which I'm totally loving. Give her Spotify page a listen for more of her amazing tunes and enjoy!

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