Thoughts and Things No. 16

Yet again, happy Friday! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my chair typing up Thoughts and Things No. 15 at 11:30 last Thursday night. This past week just really flew by. Once again, the week was pretty typical aside from the unusually warm weather and complete lack of sunshine. Is time just repeating itself now? I guess that tends to happen a lot this time of year.
One thing that really did stand out to me this week was the exciting winter vibes I've been getting from every blogger, vlogger and influencer I follow. It seems like everyone is having so much fun and going to so many cool places this month. Don't even get me started on everyone who went up to Sundance, Whistler and Vail this past week for days of skiing (and hella apres-ski) in the mountains. I've never been more jealous. Check out this week's links below to see what I'm talking about.

1. This Whistler travel vlog was so well done. Major props to Jenny of Margo and Me!
2. This outfit would be perfect for cold, snowy days.
3. You might have already seen this because so many bloggers have already been raving about it, but Grace Atwood's blogging tips and tricks were so interesting. Such a good post!
4. Another great blog discovery this week.
5. Five ingredients for styling your bedroom if your looking for a winter refresh.
6. Paris Couture week is going on and I loved this show.
7. I'm really eyeing this coat.
That's all the thoughts and things I'm sharing this week. Here's to the weekend and hopefully some snow coming up soon!
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