Thoughts and Things No. 15

Even though it has only been four days, I'm pretty happy to see the weekend again. I don't really have anything new to report today other than the fact that it feels like spring is right around the corner. I know its only January and we have a long way to go until March 20th, but this 60 degree weather is the best. Let's hope it stays!

This week's things:

1. This week I have been totally obsessing over the presidential inauguration. I honestly can't stop talking about it. If you're interested, you have to see this documentary on what actually happens leading up to and during the big event (my mind was blown). Also, you can bet I'll be watching via one of these livestream links on Friday morning/afternoon. 

2. I spent a good 30 minutes looking at this article about the Obama girls' style evolution over their years in the white house. Definitely a must see!

3. Oh, and one more presidential musing: I can't say I wasn't touched watching this.

4. On a much lighter note, one of my favorite bloggers (Mackenzie of Design Darling) is moving back to New England and has been posting gorgeous room tours of her previous home in Dallas!

5. Two words: ZENDAYA'S TUMBLR.

6. I'm getting the vibe that I already included this in a Thoughts and Things post but just because I love finding high fashion dupes: DIY Yeezy boots.

7. Recently I discovered Grace Atwood's blog, The Stripe, and I absolutely adore her style!

8. After getting the Elements of Style book for Christmas, I've also loved reading Erin Gate's blog, Elements of Style.

9. Something to look forward to: February! I hate to wish the time away but I feel like things slowly start picking back up in February and things get a little more exciting. Plus, Valentine's Day in addition to Fashion Month make for the best blog content and I am so pumped for both.

Once again, happy Friday (and when this post goes up, happy weekend)!

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