How to Make your Own Coffee Table Books

Over the years I've grown quite obsessed with coffee table books. Scratch that, I'm obsessed with all beautiful books, not just ones you see sitting on a table. It may sound shallow but I just love owning beautiful books, and chances are I'm not going to be drawn to a book if it doesn't have an eye-catching cover. However, big, fat coffee table books can be pretty expensive (I mean reasonably so, some are just works of art). That is why I decided to make some of my own! It sounds crazy but I wanted something cheap to add a little flair to my room and that I could easily change up if I got bored. See below for the result.

Not bad, right? They were so easy to make and 100% customizable. All I did was save a bunch of pictures from the web, paste them into a word doc, add and arrange some text to look like real books and print the covers out! After that, I just found some hard cover books laying around, removed the book jackets and taped the newly made ones on.

This is what the books look like from the front. You can't see in the picture, but a piece of tape is holding the white part of the paper to the original book. Feel free to stack a real book on the end so no one will know these covers are your creation!

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