Celebrating 2 Years + My Blogging Story

I can't believe I totally neglected to tell you all that recently I hit my 2 year blogging anniversary and 1 year anniversary for Eva's Notebook! I officially hit 2 years on November 26th and EN officially hit 1 year on the 11th. Why the separate dates? Let me explain...
Okay, so the idea to start blogging first hit me the summer before I was in 6th grade and my bestie introduced me to a small online community of "preppy" bloggers sharing their style with the world. I instantly fell in love with everything about that little community that I fit into so well. I didn't actually start a blog myself, but for a good few months, I was sold on the whole idea of it. Eventually I kind of forgot about it and a good two years passed until I hopped back on the "preppy blogging" train while it was still a small community. That is when The Seasonal Prep was born. TSP was originally an Instagram account with a couple thousand followers I had amassed. Basically, it was my preppy moodboard. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was one of the original preppy Instagrams. That account eventually lead to The Seasonal Prep blog which was born on the last Saturday of November 2014. It flourished for a year until I parted ways in order to expand my horizons. The whole "preppy" thing had gotten really old after making its way into the mainstream and I just wanted to be an individual with my own style again. That's why I created Eva's Notebook, so I could share my true personal style and anything else I wanted. Its been so nice not feeling limited to outfit posts and shopping guides (my least favorite posts to read from others and write myself). I prefer sharing things relevant in my everyday life and EN has been the most wonderful place to do so. While it is definitely in its growing stages and hasn't quite taken off yet, I am so thankful for everything this blog has given me so far. I have learned so much from this whole experience and can't wait to see where this journey finally takes me in the coming year.

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