Youtube Channels I Love to Watch

Awhile ago I wasn't feeling drawn to anything on Netflix so I resorted to youtube for something entertaining to watch. Fast-forward to today and Youtube videos are all I even watch anymore! I've come to learn I like watching videos even more than TV shows now because they are shorter, more concise and you can find videos on almost any topic. Here's what I've been loving!

  1. The College Prepster- I get so excited every time Carly posts a vlog. If your interested in seeing what a day in the life of a blogger is like- you have to see these videos!
  2. Margo and Me- Jenny's how-to fashion videos, Q and A's, and Deskside Diaries are so beautifully done and always a fun watch!
  3. Supreme Banana-  These videos consisting of food diaries and travel vlogs always make me smile. If you want something light and funny- highly recommend. 
  4. Song of Style- How could I forget Aimme? This blogger gives an inside look on her travels, style, and beauty- what more could you need?
  5. Covering the Bases- Another one of my favorite bloggers made a channel and I'm obsessed. Krista makes the cutest videos and I adore her personality.
  6. Blogilates- I always love a good workout. Need to get a quick one in? Cassey has got your back. 

Happy binge-watching!

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