Thoughts and Things No. 12

Okay it's a quarter till 1 am and I should totally be asleep considering I have school tomorrow but, I'm not ready to climb into bed just yet so I figured I'd write a few thoughts and post a few things. 
This weekend was filled with football games, beautiful weather and a whole bunch of good things, so I'm feeling pretty content with life right now. I also have an exciting meeting tomorrow where I'll start to discuss my future a little more (jobs, college, etc.). Why am I excited to talk about things that can come off as so stressful? Honestly, I don't really know, I just love talking about and planning for the future. The optimist in me always gets excited. Now, onto the things. 


1. I can totally see myself watching this show sometime soon
3. Ever since I've read this I've become very skeptical of sheet masks- you will be too
4. I've been trying to improve my nightly routine and I think I'll be adding this to the mix
5. My favorite blog to read lately

I have some great ideas I want to share with you in blogposts throughout this week so stay tuned!

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