Get to Know your Face

For a long time know I've had acne. I mean everyone does at one time or another, right? It wasn't until recently that I decided to take a more serious approach to clearing it up though. I first started with a new skincare regimen which did help but didn't give me enough results to consider my face drastically better. Then, I gave up dairy and saw even more improvements but not a whole lot (granted, I've only been dairy free for about 2 weeks). 
After coming across a bunch of face maps on Pinterest the other day, I realized there are some other things I could be doing to clear up my face even more. You see, my diet has been fine but the lack of sleep I've been getting and my levels of stress have not. According to the map, it makes sense then why my acne is worse on my forehead. Seeing it written out like that has really helped me understand my face even more and inspired me to make a few more necessary changes to my everyday life. Here's a good map I found, what can you learn from it?

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