Lunch Love

Thank God it's Wednesday (for me at least). Today was a half day for me so once school got out my friends and I explored our school's neighborhood and had an awesome lunch to kick off fall break. 
First we walked to this little lunch cafe called Kitchen 452 and had sandwiches and lemonade. Definitely will be going back there sometime soon.

Then we just kind of walked around for a bit, meandering through antique stores and snapping pics of anything photogenic that we could find. 

Last, we hit up my favorite pie shop for a slice of dark chocolate pie. Let me just say, having all these neat places within a 5 minute walk from my school is a good thing and a bad thing. The good side is that I love hanging around this area and the food is prime. However, it probably isn't the best thing for my wallet considering I'm trying to be a saver now!

All in all, it was an awesome day. The fact that I have the next four days off of school is even better. I have some pretty sweet plans so stay tuned!

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