Handling Stressful Times

In the past week I've been struggling to keep it all together. So much has been going on and it's left my mind spinning. Do you ever just wish you could get your head to chill out? I do. Here are some things I would recommend to get it together and stay grounded.
Make a big list// Just write down everything you have coming up on one big paper and cross things off as you get to them.
Clean your space// Putting things away, organizing and tidying up can do wonders for your mind. There is no feeling like walking into a clean room- its like a clean slate.
Take care of yourself// Want to feel super good? Paint your nails, do a facial and take a hot shower to feel more calm and collected.
Don't procrastinate- just do it// Set apart some time when you can just chip away at every task you have to do, you'll feel so accomplished and relieved when it's over.
Think of the positive// Have something coming up that you are dreading? Try to pick out little parts of it that might not be that bad and get yourself pumped up for them.
Get distracted (a little)// One of my favorite ways to take my mind off of things is to sit down in my favorite chair, play my favorite music on my laptop and just completely lose track of time on Pinterest, Tumblr and any other creative sites. 
Sleep// Getting enough sleep and doing it consistently is something I known I have trouble with but could benefit from greatly.
I hope these ideas can help someone out! Remember, in hard times, channel your inner optimist (everyone has one) and look to your favorite people for support. You will get through it no matter what.

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