Where have I Been?

I'm not exaggerating when I say long time no see, 2 weeks since my last post just isn't me! Honestly, my little blogging break started unintentionally due to a lack of time to sit down and crank out the content. Then, after a few days of realizing I just had nothing interesting, important or exciting to write about, I just decided I wouldn't start posting until I felt inspired again. It's this little in between season that always gets me (it happened last year too). I just get bored with summer but I know its way to early to start thinking about fall so I find myself stuck in a little rut. The fact that my phone has been broken and prevented me from taking and editing good pictures, writing, and doing things on social media has contributed to this little rut too. Also, I feel like coming off of a summer with consistently good blogposts and realizing that there isn't a definite season to write about right now has drained me of my motivation to do this. Overall, there are plenty of excuses that have contributed to this hiatus, but, I can see it coming to an end soon! Fall is right around the corner, fashion month is going on (and has gotten my full attention), I'm getting a shiny new phone and things are really starting to set the stage again for my creative flow. Whether I get back into the swing of things in a few days or few weeks, stay tuned, the time is coming and so are some new things.


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