Thoughts and Things No. 10

Happy Saturday everyone. I've had another fun yet jam packed week and I am just ready to hit the hay right about now. My sleeping schedule has been everything but ideal lately and I really hope to get back on track before school starts! 

It's about 11:45 pm right now and I just got back from a super fun night with my bestie but for some reason, when I got home, I just felt so tired and a bit overwhelmed from trying to plan so many things at once. I told my mom how I was just feeling kind bothered and she gave me some pretty good advice. She said "Eva, I think you just need to put on a Netflix show and climb into bed". Honestly, that sounds pretty good to me right about now. Before I sign off for the night to go watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and chill out, here are some things I've been interested in.

1. The latest Kate Spade wallpaper
2.Obsessed with this office tour
3. Your August nail color
4. A must-try salad recipe this week
5. By the way, I'm hosting my family birthday party tomorrow!
6. 9 secrets of fashion bloggers
7. Bella's style without the Bella budget
8. I was so excited to finally see Carly's apartment tour!
9. I'm totally starting to save my money again after blowing a lot this summer. Anyone interested in seeing how I make a little cash?
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