How I Make, Spend and Save Money

Back during the school year, I had a pretty good thing going money wise. I was always making way more than I spent which not only encouraged me to save even more, but gave me some nice cushion when I did want to buy something. Ever since spring, when I really started stocking up on summer pieces and was forced to pay for my own things every time I went out, my money took a little bit of a hit. Now that my birthday just passed, I've acquired some extra cash and find it the perfect time to get back on track. Here's what has worked for me in the past and what I plan to do.


Making Money//
For the past couple of years, I've had a paper route that has provided my main source of income. Keep in mind, I'm in HS so I could technically thrive off of this money and be fine. Every month I get paid a little for that. Even though most of the money goes to savings, a reasonable amount goes to me. Occasionally, I'll babysit for one family which brings a little cash in. However, I only do this once or twice a month. Another thing I do is save all of my coins that I get throughout the year, whether I find them laying around or get them back when paying for things at a store. You'd be surprised by home much you can get by just saving them up and exchanging the coins for cash every so often! Lastly, I'll do some work for my mom. Her job has a lot of side tasks that always need to be done so sometimes I'll just go to her and ask for something to do. 

Saving Money//
Before I ever like to buy something, I like to make sure I'll still have a decent amount of money left after I buy it. Sometimes, this means not buying anything for a month or two just so I have some more money built up. What I'm doing now is not buying anything until September. That way, once September comes, I'll have a good amount of money built up after doing various jobs like the ones above. I like this method much more than constantly nickel and diming because by taking the time to save up, I can buy much nicer things and even have some money left over.

Spending Money//
Anyone who knows me knows I'm an avid shopper. If you ask me to go to the mall, you know what the answer is going to be. This is where the saving pays off. When I'm shopping I can buy things using the money I've saved but also know that when I'm done shopping I'm still going to have some money leftover. So, when I get paid at the end of the month, things balance out and I still have money left. Occasionally, I buy something very pricey, for instance, a new gadget, something for my camera, etc. When this happens, I make sure I save up even longer so I'll still have a decent amount of money after purchasing.

Overall, the main takeaway from this post is that saving pays off! Rather than saving a little after each time I get paid, I like to save it all at once to, again, give me a lot of cushion when I'm buying things I need/want. Make sense? I hope this is helpful to anyone out there looking to get back on track like I am!
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