City Chic

A couple of days ago my close friends and I headed downtown for a good lunch and an afternoon out. Being the complete city girl that I am, I had the best time.

We first had lunch at Nada, one of my favorite restaurants in the heart of the downtown area.

After that, we headed to the contemporary arts center right across the street and spent about an hour and a half looking at all the cool pieces.

Some views from the window.

After the arts center, we stopped at a little cafe and I got the most amazing espresso lemonade. It was incredibly refreshing and I'd definitely get it again.

Unfortunately the picture was kind of messed up, but, we just had to take a few pics at Tiffany's.

That's all I have for this picture overload. One thing I realized on this little excursion was how much I do appreciate my city. I've always said how bored I am of it but the more time I put into exploring new places here makes me love it a little more.
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