Agenda Dilema

With school already in full swing, I've gotten a feeling of what I'm liking so far and not liking and what I need and don't need. Something I really need? A good agenda/planner. First, let me fill you in a little bit.
Before school started I got a Day Designer from the Target collection, it has blue and white stripes with a gold binding in case you want to find it. After seeing so many people rave about it all over social media, I knew I would love it. Unfortunately, I was totally wrong. To me, a page a day is a little excessive and seeing so many places to fill things in ended up just stressing me out. Plus, I was constantly having to move my bookmark and find the page for the day I was on. Overall, it was a little overwhelming and I just couldn't keep up with it. But, if you are extremely busy and need every minute planned out, maybe it's for you.
So, now I've decided to ditch the Day Designer because it definitely didn't work for me and I'm in desperate need of a new planner. As a matter of fact, the other day I was supposed to be writing my homework down but didn't end up writing it because of how cluttered the planner was and I ended up forgetting to do it all together! 
Here are the options I'm deciding between:

Last year, I used and fell in love with my Lilly Pulitzer agenda because the layout was great and made so much sense to me. The layout of the planners above are all the same as the Lilly one but in different patterns, in different forms and by different brands. It's just a matter of finding which one suits my style best! What do you think?

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