A Day at the Bay

Like I said in my most recent Thoughts and Things post, I was at XC camp this past weekend with my running buds. One thing I did say before I left was that I would be so exhausted when I got back. Now, I certainly was pretty drained but I didn't realize how sad I would be to come back home. It was the best time! We camped out in northern Ohio and on Friday we headed to Put In Bay via the ferry and spent the day exploring the whole Island. Let's just say I was extremely surprised.

Who knew I could enjoy a trip in Ohio so much? PIB was the cutest island and I couldn't have loved it more. It totally reminded me of a costal town in the northeast bustling with summer travelers. I was so glad we were given the whole day to roam wherever we wanted. I ended up riding bikes around all day with my friends going to all the cutest corners of every street.

 Of course, we had to stop at the beach for some quick pictures and a dip in the warm water.

 PIB is filled with cute little stores and restaurants like this.

 I feel like the picture basically sums up our whole day.

We stopped for ice cream at Cafe Chocolate and I got a java chip shake that was to die for.

We passed some of the cutest houses on our journey around the island.

I already know for a fact that I will be going there again. My trip to Put In Bay was so memorable and a really new experience for me. The best part was being with so many of my friends the whole time and having the freedom to explore the whole place together. I'm just praying I'll be in town to go with my XC girls next year!

With a heavy heart, I must announce that this was my last trip of the summer. I've explored countless new cities and places this year and I have adored absolutely every single minute of it. Traveling is definitely my cup of tea. I'll be sure to do a recap once summer is truly over and show you all of the places I have been and maybe even some behind the scenes pictures and videos! Even though I still haven't gotten over the melancholy feeling of being done with going new places this summer, I am trying to stay positive by keeping in mind all of the amazing things that are ahead for me. The best is yet to come!
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