Travel Announcement: FL and LA

Today I am so excited to be bringing you another Travel Announcement! I love letting you all know where I am going to be be going about a week before I go so I have time to do some prelim posts and keep you all in the loop. This travel announcement is a really exciting one for me because both places I'll be visiting in the next week are relatively new to me.

Next week, I will be traveling to...

That's right, two cities in one week! My whole family will be going on this trip together so it'll be really interesting seeing so many new places in such a short amount of time. Another reason this trip is exciting is that it was a totally last minute decision. Just a few weeks ago, after months of arguing over where to go, we finally decided on Destin, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. Why? We wanted to take a beach trip but also have the opportunity to see a cool city and our plan seemed perfect. It took so long to find the right places to stay, but, I am happy to say we finally have everything planned out. As of now, the plan is to drive to FL on Saturday or Sunday night and stay until Thursday and then head over to NOLA. As far as what we are doing on this trip, I have no idea! If you couldn't already tell, we are keeping things pretty spontaneous this summer. I'll be sure to blog this whole trip much more than last time because I'm sure I'll have a lot of new things to share. I'll keep you all updated. Get excited!
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