Thoughts and Things 8 + Mid-July Update

I'm so sorry I've been a little off the blogging game lately. I'm currently in between vacations and am trying to fit everything I possibly can into this amazing summer! A few weeks ago I started cross country again and that has kept me pretty busy in the evenings. I've also been spending a ton of time with friends doing lots of shopping and hanging out together. I just love filling up my free time with the things that I love. Recently, I've learned that staying as occupied as possible not only helps my mood but makes me super productive! With everything going on, blogging hasn't been the number one thing on my mind but I'm certain it will be soon, just you wait. Here are some things that have been on my mind.

1. I'm absolutely obsessed with Jenny Walton's style, Instagram page and blog where she posts all of her amazing fashion illustrations. Her work inspires me so much! I'm considering learning how to make fashion illustrations of my own and I think it would be such a cool, new little hobby.
2. I'm totally into the whole yoga thing and I'm considering starting some online classes next week. I'll be sure to let you all know how that goes.
3. I am dying to try these new drinks and what better time to do it then when I'm in hot and sunny florida?
4. Something my bestie and I like to do is bake and on Sunday that is just what we did. We were tired of hanging around the pool so we headed back to my house and made this vanilla cake.
5. A stunning example of Jenny Walton's work.
6. I'd just like to add this as a fun fact- the other night I started teaching myself to learn to write with my left hand (I'm a rightie). I guess boredom got the best of me the other day.
7. Does anyone have any Netflix recs? I'm looking for a new show to watch and would love suggestions!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, stay in the moment!
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