The Year of Expression

If you didn't already know, today is my birthday! I usually take my birthdays pretty seriously, after all, it's the one time of year where everything revolves around me. Usually, when it's my birthday I like to look back on what I have accomplished over the past year, see how I've changed, and think of what I learned. I also get so excited for the future because turning one year older really seems like a fresh start. The main thing I've made a tradition of is picking a general theme/goal for the year. Last year was "expansion" and I can say I have definitely expanded my horizons this year in ways much too many to write out in one post. I've dared to try so many new things this past year and whenever I felt scared or nervous about something, the word "expansion" played in the back of my head and pushed me to do whatever it was I was scared to do. Now, I am so excited to add another theme.


My goal this year is to share more of what I feel, think, love and create and to really shine. I want to share and dive further into my passions, feed my creativity and be my true self always and everywhere. This includes being very open and true to who I am. I couldn't be more excited about this year and all the amazing things that are to come! 

As always, thanks for sticking around. I love to see all of the positive feedback that I've gotten from sharing a big part of my life on this corner of the internet. I'm so excited to share more with you all!
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