Small Towns and Big Mountains

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of online presence these past couple of days. I was really trying to soak up the last couple days of vacation because I was having the best time.
On Tuesday we tried to make the best of a rainy day with a trip to Flat Rock, a little town with the cutest cafes, shops and art galleries. I fell in love with all the colors and couldn't help but snap pics of the amazing hydrangeas on the way back.

On Wednesday we took a day trip to Atlanta and drove around the city a bit. 

Thursday, my mom and I went tubing on the Green river and had the best time. To get there, we drove through miles of mountains until we started the descent down a long mountain road. We then got on our tubes and flowed down the Green river for a few hours. There is nothing I love more than being surrounded by those beautiful mountains.

Friday started off with a softball game that my brothers decided to take part in. While baseball/softball are definitely not my sports, it was fun to soak up the sun.

To end the day on Friday and wrap up the week, we had dinner at the club. It was pouring rain nearly the whole time so there weren't many great pictures to take, but here is what I wore.

On Saturday, our last day in SC, we woke up to some gorgeous sunshine shining right through the window. That was the day we decided it would be perfect to head to the beach club on Lake Keowee. We spent the day there swimming in the lake, kayaking and chilling in the sand. What a perfect way to end the week.

Here's another pic of those gorgeous mountains I was talking about. I know I'll really miss them.

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