Pinboard Project Update

A few days ago I posted some inspiration for a pinboard I wanted to make for my wall. I can now say the project is complete! After heading to Hobby Lobby and scoring a board for only $10, all that was left to do was fill it up and hang it on the wall. Here is the final product. Note, I am going to continue adding things until it fills up and maybe even switch some things out every now and then.
I decided to hang the board above my chair in the coziest corner of my room and I love how it filled the wall perfectly.

In the top right corner I pinned some pictures I cut out of an Adele album book. I love the way they look like old-time photographs!

Now, the reason I got this board for $10 was because it was on clearance due to a crack in the upper right corner. However, it's nothing that can't be covered up! A little crack is a small price to pay for getting nearly $50 off the original price. To cover it up, I added some business cards, a piece of "bien fait" tape from Madewell and a cool picture from Pinterest that I really admire.

To add another personal touch, I pinned on some postcards that I got from Kate Spade and one a friend sent me.

Lastly, I added some more pictures from Adele's album book. I highly recommend sifting through CD cases for the little booklets inside. The pictures are typically really neat.

Hope this inspired you to make a board of your own! I love the way mine turned out because I feel it really reflects me as a person and the things that I love.

If you want some more inspiration to make a pinboard of your own, check out my post here.

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