Last Blast of the Beach

Well, it finally happened. After being at the beach for three full days, my phone suffered some water damage and stopped working right when it was time to upload pics of my last day. Thankfully, it's back now but it definitely isn't working the same.

On a more positive note, I have finally gotten together the last round of pictures from my trip to Florida. Lets get to them!

So, our last day started with a run to Starbucks. I don't eat there but my brother got some scones and I ended up buying a cute water bottle as a souvenir.

Having an amazing mall nearby was certainly a perk of going to Destin. I ended up getting a strapless top (will feature in an outfit post soon) and another pair of polarized shades to replace the ones I lost in the ocean.

Of course, on our way back to the condo, I had to snap pics of the cutest beach houses.

We wrapped up our final evening on the beach, riding waves and taking pictures. The night ended with some froyo, so obviously, it was a great day.

That concludes my Florida adventure! It was such a great time and I will definitely go again. I have always had a special place in my heart for beach towns and the overall island/beach lifestyle. Honestly, I wish I could have every day be super hot, humid, and sunny. There's just something about beach vacations that has a certain "mellowness" that I will always love.

Next stop, New Orleans! That is where I currently am and I am so excited to share my pictures with you all. So far. they are tuning out really well.
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