How I Find Inspiration for Blogposts

It's funny the way the idea for this post came about. I was just feeling uninspired and I couldn't think of anything to write so I started recalling all of the things that inspire me. I also started going through all of the steps in my head that usually get me inspired to write and I realized, sharing a few would make for a pretty interesting blogpost.


When I find it time to write up another post, I first go through my archives and see what topics I haven't touched on a in while. That way, I can tell what my blog might be lacking and it assures that I post a wide variety of content without boring people (and myself) with the same subject over and over again. That's how I decide on a theme for the post.

Next I'll think of current things and happenings that have to do with that theme and if any interest me, I'll do a little research if necessary and write about it. If not, I'll check my Pinterest and Tumblr and find pictures of things that remind me of something I thought was neat. Doing this usually gives me the most ideas. I'll also check to see what I've favorited or liked on my social media accounts to get a feel for what has been inspiring me lately. I only favorite or like things that truly inspire me so doing this almost never fails.

The last thing I do when the ideas aren't flowing is check my own camera roll. I love taking pictures and telling the cool stories behind them, so, many pictures I take end up making it on the blog at some time or another.

Obviously, there are so many ways out there to get inspired! I know I've said that word way to many times for one post, however, I honestly believe that inspiration is the most important thing that keeps me going. If I wasn't always surrounded by inspiring things, big or small, there is no way I would have the motivation to do what I do.
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