Final Recap of New Orleans

Even though I got back from my trip to Destin and New Orleans over 4 days ago, I already miss it like crazy. Looking back on pictures from the trip makes me sad to think that amazing week is over but really happy that it even happened.

The last recap covered my first night in NOLA. This one will be covering the next day which really was our only full day in the city. 
The whole morning/early afternoon was spent uptown exploring Tulane University. My dad, who went there for college, showed us around the campus and I thought it was just the coolest thing. In my opinion, New Orleans would be a super neat city to attend college.

After riding the street car for a while and doing a lot more walking, we were exhausted. Having had my first iced coffee at PJ's a little earlier, I was not that tired so I spent the afternoon hanging in the hotel lounge, listening to music while it rained outside. It was such a cozy and peaceful afternoon.

For dinner we went to this eclectic restaurant called Cowbell. It was so artfully decorated and the food was amazing! I got the brussel sprouts and a fresh salad.

 After dinner we headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and, as always, they had some pretty great things. As a matter of fact, we even did a little souvenir shopping there.

To perfectly wrap up the day (and the whole trip), we headed to Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter. Throughout the whole trip, that is where I had been dying to go the most. Let me say, it did not disappoint! The coffee was amazing and the beignets were so good.

That wraps up the trip! I can't believe it's all over now. Overall, the week completely exceeded my expectations. At first I was so sad to not be traveling with any friends or other extended family this year. Usually, when we travel, other people are always with us which makes it so much fun and exciting. I never thought how much I could actually enjoy just being with my family for a week! It was kind of nice to be so close for a little while and I'd definitely consider it again.

Now, I just have to keep telling myself that summer is not over yet. For me, there are still so many things that I have to look forward to: my birthday, spending a lot of time with friends, another short little weekend trip and more. 

That concludes my recaps of my major 2016 summer vacations. I learned so much about myself on these trips and I feel like a much more well-rounded person having been to so many places. I always knew "getting out there and going places" was important and I'm so happy that I have been able to do that. I know that there are some exciting things already in the works for the upcoming year so stay with me and follow along, because one thing I've learned is that I love sharing.

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