Wear Your Lilly Proudly

As everyone knows, yesterday was National Wear your Lilly Day. Unfortunately, I totally let this slip my mind (despite hearing about it from nearly every blogger I know). To make up for my incompetence, here is a beautiful Lilly 5x5 and a list of my favorite Lilly items this season. Happy Summer Everyone!
My faves:

Lilly Pulitzer has been a brand that has come in and out and back into my life ever since fifth grade. When I first discovered it, it was my obsession, my whole style in one brand. As a matter of fact, my love for Lilly sparked my first interest in sharing my style. Back in the days, on blogs that are now long gone, I shared Lilly Pulitzer on the daily (I'm pretty sure it was even in my bio). After a while of developing my own style and learning about my true preferences, I really tried to shy away from it. I felt so fake wearing it, I felt like people would think I was being "basic". God forbid! Now that I really know my own personal style pretty well, I've learned that I don't have to "Lilly Pulitzer-ize" everything I own, but it's okay to like what I like! If I see a print that really says "Eva", I will wear it proudly. Why? Because Lilly represents a sunny, coastal lifestyle which I will always hold dear to me.

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