Thoughts and Things Pt. 4 + An Update

Welcome back! Notice a little something different? As of this morning, my blog redesign is complete and I'm loving the new look. I've been working on the design for the past month and I'm just so relieved that it's complete and I can finally focus fully on creating content (talk about an exciting way to kick off summer break). Anyways, let's get into this week's thoughts and things.

2. Dying for one of KJP's scalloped shirt dresses
4. Bloggers listen up- great tips here
5. Now that the patriotic colors of summer are popping up- I can't keep my eyes off of anything navy gingham
6. I don't know when I'll ever need this but just because...
7. I can't keep my eyes of this little print- I'm even thinking about making my own version
8. My latest blog discovery
What are some things you've been loving lately?
P.S. Ignore the following code for now.
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