Thoughts and Things Pt. 6

I hope everyone had a pleasant Father's Day weekend! I had a pretty productive weekend and am so ready for the week ahead. Here are a few things that have been on my mind as of late.

1. Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy (my current favorite show) is on netflix (!)
2. Speaking of Grey's, check out Ellen Pompeo's stunning home
3. Dying to make this with my own spin
4. Organizing your closet? You're going to need this
5. A cute desktop wallpaper (pretty fitting for my upcoming trip)
6. I stumbled across the cutest blog this morning, definitely going to read it regularly
7. Now a little self-promotion, my tumblr has been on point lately- I'm totally getting back into it
8. Did you see my new "TRAVEL" page? I'll be adding all of my adventures to that page so you can see where I've been
9. A bucket bag is calling my name
10. I'm totally loving Kelly Christine's work

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