Thoughts and Things Pt. 5

If you're reading this when it goes live, I'm probably sitting by the pool soaking up the sun (or rain depending on if the weather hold out. This past week seemed to go by so fast, can anyone else relate? Anyways, tomorrow I'm heading off to spend the day in Indianapolis (2 weekend trips in a row!) and I am so excited. This summer's already shaping up to be a pretty adventurous one.
1. A cool trick if you're hosting a dinner party
2. Some inspiring quotes from an icon
3. The cutest desktop wallpaper
4. If you know me, you know I'd love this
5. Has anyone tried ordering this new drink? I don't go to Starbucks but I might have to give this a try
6. I've been adding a lot to this board recently in order to find something for an empty frame I have
7. Dying for one of these
8. This one or this one
9. I've been getting back into snapchat more recently so add me for some behind the scenes fun
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