Things Bloggers Should Not Travel Without

There's only one more day until I leave for my week down in South Carolina and I felt it necessary  to show a few things I'm packing. I'm sure you all don't want to hear about the obvious things like clothes or toiletries, so, today (or should I say, tonight) I'll clue you in on the tech-y things I'm packing so I can blog while on the trip.

1. A quality camera- Most of the pictures I take are on vacations so packing my nikon is a must.
2. A laptop- Depending on how much work you'll be doing, this isn't always necessary (see the next item to hear why).
3. An iPad keyboard- If you're traveling without a laptop and only plan to write blogposts, not actually do work on your blog, a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad will do fine. I recently got one from Kate Spade and not only is it super cute, it comes in handy whenever I decide I have time to whip out a blogpost on the go. I use the Blogger app to type up posts on long car rides, save them and publish them when I have wifi- highly recommend! 
4. An extremely durable phone case- Honestly, a fancy camera isn't always appropriate and sometimes and iPhone camera is just so much easier to bring along. That's why I recommend getting a super durable phone case that will allow you to bring your phone anywhere so you can capture any moment. I recently bought a Lifeproof case knowing that I would be doing lots of cool activities I would want to take pictures of this summer. I've already gotten so much use out of it! When I have that case on my phone, there is so much freedom to do whatever want and it allows for some awesome shots. I love taking mine underwater and getting sweet pictures at the pool.
5. A camera wifi connector- Looking for the perfect insta? Getting a little device to plug into your camera that connects to wifi easily allows you to download pictures you have taken straight to your phone so you can 'gram them from anywhere without having to put the pictures on a computer and sending them to yourself.

After writing this post I have now realized how much packing I have to do. Have I left out anything you think is necessary?
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