Poolside Reads

I'm going to start this off by saying yes, I do judge books by their covers but no, I am not ashamed. Something about carrying around a book with a well-designed cover makes the experience of reading a lot more appealing to me. Can anyone relate?

Anyways, here are some books that are definitely on my to-read list this summer. Now that I have a lot more time on my hands, I'm going to try to just grab a book and head off to the pool sometimes for a chill afternoon. These books seem light but interesting and, of course, have pretty neat covers.

I have plenty more options that I'm looking into but I really need to just pick one and stick with it. One thing I've found that helps me keep track of all of the things I want to read is the app and website Good Reads (you can find me here). I recently started using it and I love how easy it is! Good Reads lets you make a wish-list of things you want to read, a list of things you have read and even a list for anything you are currently reading. I first heard about it from a couple bloggers I follow and have loved it ever since.

Do you have any recommendations? I'd want to hear what others are reading this summer!

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