Fresh Dinner Recipes

I feel like I've mentioned it in nearly every blogpost this past week, but, it is SO nice to have more time on my hands. Now that I'm not running around until the late evening every night, I actually have time to make my own dinners. There's just something so nice about the satisfaction you get cooking a meal on your own and knowing what went into it, plus, I just loved summer flavors. Here are some ideas if you're looking to get creative in the kitchen like I am.
1. Watermelon and feta salad
2. Chickpea and tahini salad wraps
3. Kale, apple and avocado salad
4. Cilantro tomato pasta
5. Homemade pizza

Inspired yet? My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. If you want to see me try out some of these recipes, follow along on snapchat for pics, tips and tricks: @evasnotebook or use the code at the bottom of my sidebar.

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