Camera Roll Cumulative

This past weekend pretty much summed up everything I love about summer: pool days, exploring new places, doing things I love, beautiful weather, etc. I took a bunch of pictures along the way and I'm so happy to be sharing them. Photography is a passion of mine and I have so much fun editing pictures. Here are my favorites.
I visited Columbus, OH on Sunday and had the best time exploring the city. I took this on our way back home as we drove past seemingly endless fields at sunset, it was such a beautiful way to end a great week.
While in Columbus we had to try the famous Jenis Ice Cream. Honestly, it was the best ice cream I've ever had.
Another shot in the adorable ice cream shop.
This is kind of a funny shot but, for some reason, I think it's pretty rad. I love the colors in it and I know when I will look back at this picture, I'll be reminded of the awesome time I had this weekend.
Some morning sunlight shining through my window and onto my desk. If there's one thing I couldn't live without, it'd be sunshine.
Exploring some nearby neighborhoods and hanging around in the park was fun yet surprisingly cold.

That wraps it up for my Camera Roll Cumulative. Maybe I'll throw another one at you next week. I'm going to Indianapolis for another weekend adventure tomorrow and I've heard it's a pretty cool city. Anyone have any suggestions for Indy?

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