A Tour of my Desk

Recently, I revamped my desk space with a few new decorations and I'm in love with the way it looks. I have to say, my desk is my favorite part of my room now. Because I do most of my blog work from my desk, I thought it'd be appropriate to share the space that I've been working from.

Above is the overview of my desk, it sits right in front of a big window. I love how I get to sit in front of good natural lighting and it feels great when I get to open the windows and let the breeze in.
Starting from the left side of my desk going right, here are some things I always keep on hand. I recently purchased the gold and lucite stapler/tape set from Homegoods and the classy touch they add to my space matches perfectly with the theme of my room. I also have this pencil cup (from the plant holder section at Ikea) which holds some pencils from Liberty London and my all-time favorite type of pen, Le Pen. 

My favorite part of the desk is this little corner where the lamp, flowers and my initial sit. These little touches make sitting at a desk and getting work done a little more exciting.

The lamp and the white roses (which are fake) both happen to be from Marshals and my initial was a DIY that I did a while back. If you're looking for my weekly list/ mouse pad, go to Anthropologie or Rifle Paper Co.
The last area on my desktop is the far right corner where I keep my little organizer (from TJ Maxx). In it I keep my blog planner from May Designs (the pink notebook in the back) and my idea book from Anthropologie. 
In the top middle drawer of my desk, I keep the supplies I use on a daily basis, such as pens, pencils and my iPad Pencil by the company 53. I also store little necessities like a flashdrive, scissors, paper clips, staples, post its and notecards.

To the side of that drawer I store all of my notebooks, notepads and old planners. I tend to hoard notebooks a little bit but I consider it more of a "collection."
Below that drawer is the drawer where I keep three file folders that organize my important papers. One stores pictures and prints I've printed out at one time or another, one stores stickers that I collected back when that was "cool" and the last one is a folder of all of my receipts and other "money matters" as I call it. You might even notice some old Vera Bradley prints floating around in my drawers. Back when I was young, I was pretty into that stuff but I'm not complaining, now I have tons of cute and colorful paper supplies to use up!
There's also a big drawer below the one above but it's pretty much empty.
That concludes this lengthy desk tour! I hope you enjoyed the picture overload. If you're looking for any items that I didn't mention, don't hesitate to contact me!
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