Thoughts and Things Pt. 3

It's hard to believe yet another week has passed by. So far, May has been a pretty great month and it's only going to get better. Anyone else enjoying awesome weather? Anyways, today I just wanted to stop by and share a few things I've been interested in lately. So, done with the thoughts, here are this week's things.
1. Loved reading Carly's Q&A post- I'd love to do one of those
2. This post on Switzerland is so beautiful
3. Style lessons from the mothers of French bloggers that you can't forget
4. I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey (again) 
5. Do I need these? No. Do I want them? Yes.
6. A DIY you can use for just about anything
7. Another beauty trend for the books
8. Looking to revamp your tech? This desktop will do the trick.
Thats about it for today. Have a great week!

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