Photo Album Favorites + Update

Good afternoon and happy Saturday. Let me just start off by saying this week was lass than ideal. I've been sick for about 8 days and school has been crazy (5 days left though) so, of course, blogging has taken the backseat. This morning, in an attempt to get ready for the new design launch in the coming week, I decided to clean up my computer and update a few things. During the process, I deleted a bunch of old accounts so I can spruce up the ones I have for the re-launch- let me just say, I must've made a huge mistake. In an attempt to clean up my "image" a little, I deleted a google plus account which apparently stored all of my blogs pictures in it! I'm currently in the process of getting that sorted out and the rest of the pictures should be up soon.
On a MUCH happier note: I only have a week left of school until I can finally live out that summer life. Needless to say I couldn't be happier. Speaking of happy things, here are some pictures I've recently taken that put me in a much better mood.

Let's hope for a much better week this week. Also, get excited. Remember earlier this month when I said "awesome things are in the works"? Well, I will finally be releasing the changes sometime in the coming week so stay tuned!

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