How to Have a Productive Hour

There are few things that leave me more satisfied then when I have the most productive day. I just love going to sleep knowing that my time spent was worthwhile and purposeful. However, some days are so busy that getting everything done seems daunting and unachievable. In an attempt to get my life together on these days, I follow some simple tasks that guide me through the process and leave me feeling happy and satisfied. The even better part? All the steps can be done in under an hour, so pick a time of day (I always do it at around 10 pm, #nightowl) and just get started.
How to Have a Productive Hour
1. Make a to do list
2. Start with any task that has a deadline and finish those first
3. Finish 1 or two more time consuming tasks that will be a relief to get over with
4. Complete 3 or more little tasks of lesser importance but will help you get back on track
5. Prepare for the next day (check the schedule, pack your bags, pick an outfit, etc.)
6. Tidy the space around you by putting things away, getting rid of clutter and making your bed
7. Do things you personally can benefit from- do your nails, take a hot shower, brush your hair, etc.
8. Do an activity you love that doesn't require technology- read, get in a quick workout, draw
9. Optional: quietly unwind and go to sleep if your productive hour is at nighttime
I hope I've helped you get it together a little bit. Being productive doesn't have to be cramming in a bunch of hard work. Simply doing things that are worth your time and beneficial to you are productive as well. Good luck! 

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