Spring Cleaning Inspiration

After a majorly busy week, I couldn't be happier that it's the weekend. All week it was cold, rainy and hailing most of the time so seeing the sun today has finally reminded me that it's spring! One thing I do every year around April or May is a massive clean-out of my room. Last year's was so big that it took about a week to finish and my room was almost empty by the time I was done. At the time, I was just getting ready to be a highschooler and it was so nice to get rid of all the pesky little things that had accumulated over the years.
Throughout this year, my room has accumulated more things but this time I am happy with everything I have- no papers from fourth grade are stuffed in my desks anymore, just things that I would use now. Having said that, the organization of it all is a little off. My goal this weekend is to get it all out and organize everything I have. I always feel like when my things are neat and tidy, I have room to get new things as well. In addition to organizing, I need to really clean and make my room fresh again- maybe I'll rearrange some furniture too! Heres the inspiration thats been motivating me to do all of this.

 Below is my checklist for the things I'll be doing to truly spice up my room.

1. Organize my desk
2. Restock on desk supplies and decorations
3. Reorganize/clean off my bookshelf
4. Get interesting things to put on my bookshelf and dresser
5. Organize my closet
6. Clean off furniture
7. Pick out new bedding?
8. Organize my clothes/shoes/accessories
9. Get a desk lamp
10. Find a pillow for my armchair
11. Get knew drawer knobs
12. Put new pictures in picture frames
13. Clean out the space under my bed

Room goals am I right? I better go get started if my bedroom is ever going to look like one of these though.

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