Spring Update

Happy spring! I cannot believe its been so long since I've last blogged. This past month and a half have been so crazy (I did an update post a few weeks ago but took it down so I could give a better and more honest one today). To start, I wanted to let you all know I have been working so hard on bettering my blogging and social media skills so be sure to follow along as I grow and develop Eva's Notebook.

Next order of business- spring break. I am so happy to say that by tomorrow afternoon I will be an official spring breaker heading to the palmetto state for a sunny trip. Trust me when I say I am beyond ready to do some traveling. Throughout the week I'll be pretty active so check back often for pics and maybe even a Q&A session.

Back to the blogging world, I joined Bloglovin last week and I couldn't be more pleased. Goodbye endless open tabs, hello organized feed! I highly suggest you download the app if you read tons of blogs like I do (give me a follow too). I'll be posting a follow link very soon. Speaking of things to come, I've been considering redesigning my blog for a while now and I think a more mature and aesthetically pleasing look is in order. I love web design and I am going start the process very soon. Let me know if you want me to share it with you.

Wow, I know that was a lot but I'm glad we're all on the same page now. Stay tuned and check back soon for more posts and check out my social media links to see what I've been up to. Au revoir!

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